Borrowed Time formed in the late summer of 2013. A chance meeting at a gig in Gloucester ignited the fuse that prompted the creation of the band.


Baz Clark was playing bass in Noise Agents and Glenn Lander was playing guitar in Chinese Burn, two established bands on the local ‘punk’ music

scene. Both had decided they wanted to try something a bit different and decided to hook up with Rob Fletcher (vocals) and Alan Stone (drums) Who had played together in a band back in the mid- 80s. The fledgling band quickly put together a set of originals and made their live debut on Fri

13th Dec in Kidderminster, supporting Brassick.


Rob, the singer may look like he straight out of the late 70s with his spiked peroxide hair but his idiosyncratic style means his sock throwing

antics leave him bare -footed throughout the set and ready to do perform the full lotus during guitar solos.  His sometimes raw voice shows the

power behind the lyrics, Rob, not only clambers around state utilising every piece of equipment , height and rope he can climbing front man

tirelessly organises gigs, the band’s social media guru and professional blagger enthusiastically networks to push their music out to reach the



Early 2014 saw the addition of Cliff Everett on lead guitar, an inspirational boost to the overall sound and dynamics of the band. Noted

for his dark riffs and pop sensibility in equal measures you are then floored by his utter seeming less talent; he looks like he came out the

womb with a lead guitar firmly welded in his grip. Cliff had previously been in a band called LD50 alongside Glenn and their writing partnership

soon began to flourish; a wicked friendship spanned since teen years illustrated and reverberating through their intense twin guitar attack.

There is an almost telepathic quality to their dualistic guitar motifs achieving an engaging end result of contrasting dark and light.


Glenn, the rhythm guitarist, never not been in a band since teen years is clearly not a static band member and  appears to be the glue that

holds the band together , subtly conducting the band onstage with looks and nods while erupting around the stage with an effervescent energy .


The band set about recording their debut album, “Pushed To The Brink” followed by the 3 track “Under The Radar” EP. Early on members had quit

their other bands to concentrate on Borrowed Time and within a year they were playing Rebellion festival in Blackpool on the Introducing Stage.

Numerous live appearances followed all over the UK.


Often noted by audiences, bands they support and promoters for their good sense of humour on and off stage and strong camaraderie they all

know their parts and how to play them and have evolved from what could have been just another, missed the boat, punk band into a tightly oiled

and coiled ensemble of musicians churning out memorable tune after tune.


A major change occurred in November 2015 when, after supporting The Buzzcocks in Stroud, Alan quit the drum stool. With a gig at The 100

Club booked for January 2016 a drummer was urgently required and came in the form of Ellmer Thudd who was the drummer in Noise Agents, (alongside Baz) and the legendary Gloucester punk band Demob. Thudd’s style appears effortless yet paradoxically acutely energetic and, intuitive and original.  A lithe live wire sat behind a drum kit that he whips into being mercilessly. In Borrowed Time he has been able to share his reams

of ideas showing that he is a creative and prolific songwriter. He may not know how to play a stringed instrument or anything that plays notes

but can work alongside other members of the band to make his visions concrete.


The gig, part of the annual Resolution Festival saw Borrowed Time supporting GBH and was a raucous success.


2016 saw more gigging, including a slot at The Great British Alternative Festival in Skegness. More writing continued which culminated in the

release of the “Bridges” 3 track EP followed by the full length CD “Year Of The Mayfly”, continuing the DIY approach of recording and releasing

the material ourselves.


New writing sessions emulate the 5 very different musical tastes of each member of the band coming together with new invigorating tunes; they are

certainly not afraid to break the mould, or disappoint stereotypes; they refused to categorised.  There are no musical rules within Borrowed Time

and no set formula. Their songs range from a two and half minute adrenalin fuelled old school punk tune ‘Bad Stranger’ to a much slower

tempo and sitar breakdown in the satirical ‘Trapped in a Cult’.


2017 saw a welcome return to Rebellion festival and marked another twist in Borrowed Time’s fate. Baz had just got married and was unable to do

the gig so enter stage left Steve Zuki on bass, who knew the band well as he plays bass alongside Ellmer Thudd in Demob.


Further gigs around the country ensued, supporting everyone from; The Buzzcocks, Ruts DC, The Skids, Anti Nowhere League, UK Subs, 999 and

Theatre Of Hate to name a few.  Jan 2018 saw the band playing Resolution Festival in London again, supporting Anti Nowhere League. This was to

be Baz’s last gig. Zuki became the permanent replacement bringing fresh impetus into old songs, dishing out relentless bass grooves, bringing

the tracks into a new incarnation along with his unique approach to song writing. June 2018 saw the band’s first overseas gig, playing Rebellion

festival in Amsterdam. Gigging continued throughout the year, ending with the band’s first full UK tour supporting London Calling. 2019 saw

the band play the Resolution festival again and January saw the re-recording of three early tracks for what will be the band’s first vinyl



You can find on YouTube five music videos that they have clearly had fun making and that track the band through their evolution, again

illuminating their diversity.  ‘Pushed to the Brink’ is set in a Victorian prison while ‘Trapped in a Cult’ sees the band three- quarters

of the way through the video psychedelically transformed into a mockery of Sergeants Pepper’s kaleidoscopic visuals echoed in the musical change



February / March 2019 sees the band on an 8 date support slot with The Skids, including a gig in the band’s hometown of Gloucester. Rebellion

2019 is also confirmed so no let-up in the band’s schedule.  Five middle aged musicians who should know better with five microphones on stage,

engineering their own brand, belting  out in perfect discordant harmonies with the vigour of an existential understanding that only

comes with age to live each moment with purpose as we are all living on Borrowed Time.


As the band’s name implies, they are on Borrowed Time and they intend to make the most of each and every day.